Product Care

SUTRAM recommends care that prolongs the use of your items for as long as possible in a way which is safe for you and gentler on the environment. 


SUTRAM bedwear comes in a tight percale weave made from longer staple organic cotton fibres for added durability. 

We recommend washing your bedwear with like colours and similar textures to minimise colour transfer and wear. 

Select a shorter, cold cycle to minimise water consumption. 

To minimise creasing, hang your sheets to dry as soon the was cycle is over. If you need to tumble dry, do so at a low heat.

SUTRAM bedwear was designed to be lived in and will look and feel great with or without pressing. If you do want extra crisp hotel-feel, try ironing your bedwear. 

To freshen your pillows and duvet inner air them in full sunlight. 



As these pieces tend to receive lighter wear they can be washed with less frequency, as needed. 

To best maintain the colour and shape off your item, we recommend you dry your item flat in the shade following a gentle, low temperature cycle.

Bolsters and valances are also suitable for dry cleaning.